About the NYC Technology Development Corporation

The NYC Technology Development Corporation (TDC) provides senior management and other consulting services to the City of New York for its most critical and complex information technology (IT) projects. The organization provides expert resources, common frameworks, tools, and best practices to support the delivery of timely and cost effective IT projects. TDC is different than other service providers because it retains and returns the expertise and familiarity it acquires by focusing and dedicating its employees to the City and its citizens.


The NYC Technology Development Corporation (TDC) is a non-profit information technology (IT) consulting organization whose sole client is the City of New York. TDC provides IT consulting services and oversight of major IT initiatives.

The TDC's mission is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in IT initiatives and operations by developing best practices and retaining skilled resources to provide services that would otherwise be performed by for-profit entities.


IT projects in every City agency are eligible for TDC support. In determining whether a project is appropriate for management by the TDC, the following is considered:

  • Importance to City operations (especially Mayoral priorities); and
  • Overall budget of the project (over $25 million or over $5 million involving multiple agencies).


TDC senior management services include:

  • Pre-Procurement Assessment
  • Solicitation/Procurement Assistance
  • IT Landscape Research
  • Program/Project Management
  • Solution Consultancy
  • Requirements Development
  • Project Monitoring and Quality Assurance
  • IT Portfolio Analysis
  • Risk Management